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John & Kristen Koeshall

There is nothing we are more passionate  about, than to see University students in Germany have life-changing  encounters with Jesus. Serving as pastors in Germany since 2007, we  invest in students’ lives with the goal of helping them grow into maturity and in the full potential of their areas of giftings.

This is our mission: To plant a Students for Christ group in every University city of Germany, to disciple the believer, and to reach the pre-Christian.

As a result...

...we mentor student leaders from across Germany

...we serve as national directors for Studenten fur Christus (Students for Christ - Germany)

...we plan biannual training conferences for student leaders from 13 different cities in Germany

...we provide Europe-wide training opportunities for missionaries and national workers on an annual basis

...we serve on the European commission developing strategies for reaching secular peoples

And we LOVE what we do! God is reaching, training, and sending out students to be business leaders, teachers, and missionaries.

Partner with us in prayer and/or giving, because only together can we fulfill the mission of God among students in Germany.



John & Kristen Koeshall, University Students of Erfurt, Germany: What's Happening
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