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Mark Flattery

Dr. Mark and Amy Flattery serve as directors of Network 211 which uses the Internet as an evangelism and discipleship tool. In February of 2022 a milestone was reached as over 400,000 individuals have written to them since October 2008 to begin a "discipleship connection." Praise the Lord! This represents a global team of people who partnered together to "help people discover and grow in their journey with God!" They have had 467,976,755 visitors to the site and 2,360,803 evangelism responses. Visitors have come from more than 242 countries, and some of which are places

Christian missionaries cannot physically go.


3003 E. Chestnut Expressway

Ste. 2001

Springfield, MO 65802 and and are the main evangelism sites. Your partnership with Dr. Flattery through the Faith Promise program is impacting people for Jesus around the world via the Internet.


Mark Flattery, Asia Pacific: What's Happening
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