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Chris & Heather Schneider

"Loving people in Northwest Argentina" is the Schneiders' ongoing theme. 

They are excited to announce that they are FINALLY going to be able to head back to the mission! Twenty months ago they were about to finish raising their budget and head back, then the pandemic hit and entrance to Argentina has been closed....until now! On November 1st 2021 Argentina FINALLY reopened their borders for the first time in 20 months. The Schneiders have purchased their airfare to head back on January 4, 2022.

Covenant with God Church in Monterrico, Jujuy, Argentina continues to move forward in its building construction. The church has worked so sacrificially for the last 2 years to purchase land, put in the foundations, and raise the walls. They continue to work hard to finish the downstairs, kitchen, and bathrooms so they can occupy the building soon.


PO Box 83

Hartline, WA 99135



Chris & Heather Schneider, NW Argentina: What's Happening
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